Bad Manners Which Drive Me Mad!

We all have a level of manners, some depend on where you are from, or your culture. For me, there is a line which shouldnt be crossed. Below are a list of manners which I consider to be bad manners, and which drive me mad.

  1. Licking your knife when eating
  2. When a shop assistant opens a new checkout, its not a case of first person to it. The current queue is still valid.
  3. There is no excuse to not say ‘Please’ when you want something doing for you.
  4. Not taking your litter home with you.
  5. Not giving your seat up for elderly people and women.
  6. Having one ear phone in when you’re talking to someone.
  7. Lads who think its acceptable to pinch a girls bum because they have had a drink.
  8. When managers with their own office walk around work on their iPhones. You really aren’t that important.
  9. Lads who wolf whistle at your girlfriend when shes with you.
  10. Lads who wolf whistle at your girlfriend when shes not with you.

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