Blackberrys Are Shit!

Blackberrys are shit! Everyone I know who has one, has become more of a twat since they bought one. Always messing around on it, you can ask them a question and they seem to be in a complete trance by their Blackberry.

I dont care what marketing Blackberry have done, for me, they are still a phone for business men, and business men only!

  • Keith Sorrell

    I’m a businessman and I’ve got a Blackberry Storm and it is the crappest handset I have evr, or will ever own. Never again will I ever get a Balckberry. Be Warned – They’re Shit!

  • tusby

    blackberrys are shit because theothers you can have on 3 network but the 8520 you have to have it UNLOCKED

  • GazTruman

    hah thanks for your contributions.

  • harryscrot

    the menu’s look shit (borin black and white), shit camera, shit operating system, bbpin??????? load of shit aswell.. hate blackberrys full stop and ppl constantly glued to them!!!!

  • menace

    screwed up operating system, bis is a load of crap. I seriously don’t know why i bought this piece of shit!

  • Cocs


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