Boring Bieber Baby Bullshhh…

Today it has been announced that the woman who accused Justin Bieber of having a 30 seconds in heaven with her and then getting her pregnant has now quietly dropped the paternity suit. What a waste of time and space this whole thing has been. Its been in pretty much every newspaper and website, as well as featuring on the TV in the news and on the music awards.

Bieber denied the whole thing and now this woman can just get on with life like nothing happened. What makes this woman think she can say all that, dragging a mans pride and name through the dirt and get away with it? God knows what kind of mother she will become.

I honestly hope this woman has been paid off by Bieber to keep quiet because if everything she has come out and said is nothing short of bull. Then she should be named and shamed very loudly so that everyone knows that shes a nasty piece of work. I feel for the baby who will be regarded as the baby who was almost Justin Bieber’s.

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