Chelsea vs Man Utd – Evra Shrugs Off Penalty

After watching Chelsea 0-1 Man Utd last night in the Champions League, there wasnt many people in the pub arguing against the fact that Evra brought Ramires down in the box without getting the ball. Oh wait, yes there were a few… They were wearing red shirts, with green and yellow scarfs and rose tinted specticles. Shouting things like “its about time we got something against Chelsea”.

Well let me tell you, you got it alright.

Evra Shocking Penalty Challenge

My first thoughts were ‘did he get the ball?’. On first viewing I knew the answer. After replays my thoughts remained the same.

Evra has now come out within 24 hours of making the challenge and said “I tried to play the ball, I touch it, but after I also touched the player.” This is completely untrue, he never touched the ball. Somehow Man Utd fans still believe justice has been served? Complete morons.

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