Community Shield Stadium Farce

I read today that the Community Shield wont be held at Wembley next year because the FA double booked that weekend for the Olympic Mens Final the numpties.

It has been said the Shield wont be at Cardiff, wont be abroad, but will be in England… but not London.

Hmm… I wonder where it will be… Ah yes, Old Trafford. The FA is run by Man Utd fans afterall so what better place than the Theatre of Dreams.

Community Shield
Community Shield

Personally, I think if its not at wembley, I think we might as well give it to another country for one year. China, USA, Africa, Brazil. I dont care. If you cant organise your diary properly so you can hold the event, you might as well give it away.

On a side note, remember when there were talks of having one prem fixture abroad? hah.

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