IMDB Spoiling A Film

The storyline which IMDB gives on the page for A Serbian Film ruined it for me. The ‘secret’ of the work Milos was going to be involved in was already revealed to us by the info on this film. Its only at about 35 mins into the film when Milos enters the childrens building that we start to get a grasp for what the genre of porn he is going to be involved in.

For me, the film was ruined. After seeing the scene when Milos receives a blow job while being watched by a little girl. I wasnt sure whether Milos was going to actually take part in the act like I had thought from the IMDB storyline. However this was finally revealed within the last 10 minutes of the film when he was in a scene with his own child.

Thank you for ruining it IMDB. You are now on the list of things to avoid before watching a film. You are joined with trailers and the blurb on the back of dvds.

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