Most Expensive Pint In Manchester

Last night I encountered a shocking example of the price of booze going up and up. I went to Kasabian at the Manchester evening news arena, and decided to have a pint nearby at Waxy O Connors in the Printworks.

I ordered a bottle of Magners as there was no nice Ciders on tap, only Blackthorn. I nearly fell off the bar stool when the barmen opened the bottle and asked me for £5. At this point it was too late, I had to pay. Making it the most expensive pint I have ever had in Manchester. The barmen presented the bottle with a glass with way too much ice in it.

I thought Blackdog Ballroom was bad when it charged me £4.50 for a bottle of Rekorderlig the week before. At least that is the best Cider around, unlike Magners.

This blog post is about the most expensive pint in Manchester. If anyone has any other shocking experiences. Feel free to comment.

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