National Rail Train Tickets Scam – Check Your Fare!

Ever wondered if you are getting the best deal online for your National Rail Train Tickets? Well here is a little bit of evidence which might make you think again about whether you are being scammed for your Train Ticket.

I dont know about you but I like to check my fare before I purchase a train ticket. The journey plan is simple. Hazel Grove to Knutsford. A short train journey in Cheshire.

I went on the national rail website. Typed in Hazel Grove to Knutsford, single ticket. Here are the results:

Hazel Grove to Knutsford Train Tickets

When I saw that the train fare was £8.80 I was shocked. We are talking about a very short journey. I questioned it knowing that the journey from Hazel Grove to Stockport is of the reasonable fare of £1.60 as you can see below:

Hazel Grove to Stockport Ticket

When I then searched for Stockport to Knutsford I was very surprised again. To find out that the original price I was quoted was a completely LIE and that the ‘cheapest fare’ from the first quote is quite simply FALSE.

Stockport to Knutsford Ticket

As you can see the fare from Stockport to Knutsford is £5.00. Add that with the single from Hazel Grove to Stockport and we have the cheapest fare as £6.60. So why am I paying £8.80 if I do it on one ticket? National Rail, I think you have some explaining to do. How many more of these loop holes is there? Is this why train tickets are going up? Because people dont travel by Train because you having being misquoting them for years?

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