Office Shoes Returns Policy – Disgrace

I just purchased a pair of Fred Perry trainers from Office in the Trafford Centre. I decided against them when I saw a different pair which I saw at a different store.

I went to the returns desk, only to find that I cannot return my product because it is against the Office returns policy. Apparently I can only get a gift card or exchange!? Can someone please assure me that the world hasnt gone mad and this isnt actually an ethical returns policy?

I would also like to point out at this point that the same pair of trainers were £5 cheaper from JD in the same size. Office I hope youre the next company to go bust, only once ive used this stupid gift card of course.

  • Andrew

    Completely agree! Office are the only highstreet store that I know of that does not do returns. I realise they don’t have to legally, but you would expect them to because of good customer service!

    Just got caught out by this myself as my wife bought a pair of shoes from office, then bought different shoes from schuh with the intention of returning to office. Just assumed you would be able to!

    Schuh have a 365 day returns policy by the way, so they will be my shoe shop of choice in future because they care about their customers! Not many people seem to know (or care) about the returns policy as far as I know!

  • GazTruman

    Sorry to hear you got caught out by the returns policy. As you can see, I was so annoyed I wrote a blog post about it. I complained in the store but obviously Office just care about customer relations.

    My advice to you is dont shop there again, and mention how bad they are to anyone who asks for a recommendation on where to buy from.

    Just as an update, I managed to get rid of the gift card. I went to a different store, bought the same trainers, said that I could buy them cheaper elsewhere and would the guy give me a discount, and he gave me 10%. Shame all stores were not that interested in getting my hard earnt cash.

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