Online Prices vs In store

OK, “its cheaper online” is a phrase I hear and say alot. But from the same shop? Really?

Im after Planet Earth on Bluray. I search the net for it, and find Sainsburys price online for Planet Earth Bluray is £17.99. I dont want to buy it online because its a Christmas present and wont arrive in time because Royal Mail cant cope and dont know how to employ Christmas staff. I pop down to my local Sainsburys and its £25. I enquire whether I can have it for the online price and apparently they are seperate stores!

‘Pathetic’ was my response. Why are there two seperate prices? I used the internet to look up a price, and its different in store. Its all going in Mr J.Sainsburys pocket so does it really matter?

The answer is actually ‘Yes’. At that point I handed the Bluray back to the customer service rep, suggested that the website should point out if you intend to buy from sainsburys on the highstreet its a different price and left the store.

I’ll be surprised if I ever buy electrical equiptment from Sainsburys ever again.

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