Premier League Away Ticket Prices Comparison 2011/12

As a Bolton fan I have just received ticket news for the upcoming away games against Wigan Athletic and Swansea City.

For an adult ticket:

Wigan – £20
Swansea – £35

What on earth is going on? Swansea have just been promoted. They both have similar sized grounds. Neither is a particularly glamorous tie, and neither is on SKY TV.

The next question, who is the most expensive, who is the cheapest? I think £20 is a fair price for any premier league game.

  • gareth

    Wigan need to get punters through the gates.
    Where as we (swansea) have had a complete Home sell for every game this season.
    Most of our crowd is made up of season ticket Holders so a flat price of £35 pound a game doesnt really affect swans fans. so why not charge more for away fans/ plastic united fans in the general home seats? as far as im concerned its supply and demand.

  • GazTruman

    It might be supply and demand against the big teams. But I doubt you’ll get Bolton away fans selling it out at your place for £35. The only reason you may do is because BWFC are offering free travel to Swansea to anyone who went to Wigan away.

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