Quick Film Reviews – Dec 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie – Watched the first half an hour then turned off. It had a few giggles but didnt laugh properly once. 4/10

One Day – Not a patch on the book, the accents of the actors were appalling. The years were cut very short in the film. 5/10

My Week With Marilyn – Great acting throughout, Michelle Williams nailed it. 8/10

Fishtank –

Snowtown – Brutally raw film, not a film you can particularly enjoy or recommend. Will leave you feeling scarred. 8/10

50/50 –

Catfish – The real facebook movie – 10/10

127 hours – One or two shots are brilliant, such as the passive pan out. If I had known the ending before I watched it would not have been gripping at all. 6/10


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