Radiohead – The King Of Limbs – What An…

Radiohead have recently released their latest album. As always Radiohead like to do things a bit differently. They have released several ways of buying or downloading the album. One version available in recycled paper which I found rather poetic.

Once you play the first track, you realise its been too long since a new album has been produced by the masters. Although In Rainbows is one of my favourite albums of all time (remember they let people pay as much as they wanted for it – genius). The King Of Limbs is simply beautiful. The album only has 8 songs on it, but every one is like a dream. The final 2 tracks I would describe as a haze.

Radiohead – Separator – The King Of Limbs

The track ‘Separator’ being the final track and probably my favourite. “wake me up, wake me up” just comes into play perfectly. All I can do is recommend you to buy this album, lay back on your bed, and enjoy!

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