RBS Opening Hours – For The Unemployed

I have recently done some work for a friend of mine, they decided they would pay me by cheque. Im more a 21st century kind of guy so would have prefered paypal but thought nothing of it.

That was until I checked the RBS opening hours in the Stockport area. 9:15am – 4:45pm. Monday – Friday. Can someone please help me out here… Doesnt that mean you can only go to the bank if you dont have a job? Im currently employed 9:00 – 5:30. How am I supposed to cash this cheque?! My work isnt near an RBS branch so that rules out going during my lunch break. Im screwed.

The RBS opening hours are for one market. The unemployed. They are the people most likely to owe money to the bank (because they dont have a job) and therefore they are the ones RBS make all their money out of. The people paying money in, are useless to the bank, they make no profit from them because they arent in the red.

Someone point me in the direction of a bank with Saturday opening hours.

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