Some Of The Strange Things I Think About…

Why do mobile phone sim cards have an edge missing?

Why do people say they are going travelling around the world but miss out Africa?

Why do people tip taxi drivers but not pilots, bus drivers & train drivers?

Why have restaurants in the UK started adding 10% service charge to the bill without my permission?

Why can I not take my own popcorn and coca-cola into the cinema?

Why is alcohol and tobacco legal in the UK when they are damaging peoples lives EVERY day?

Why do I need a driving licence to drive a car but I can ride a bike anywhere I like?

Does the Channel Tunnel go through or under the sea?

How many people have been fined £1000 for not picking up their dogs litter?

Why can paparazzi sleep outside a celebrities house, take photos of them, follow them around and not get arrested for stalking? If I did that to a random girl on the street I would be done for harassment.

What came first the chicken or the egg? If we all came from monkeys, where did monkeys come from?

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