The Music – Too High Guitar Tabs (Basic Acoustic)

The Music are a great band. One of my favourite songs from their self titled ‘The Music’ album is the last track called ‘Too High’. Its one of those songs that you can listen to and drift away while lying on your bed. Utter chilled, completely relaxed.

I am a complete beginner at playing the acoustic guitar. I have found it useful reading guitar tabs to help me play simple riffs and the odd intro. The intro for The Music – Too High is as follows:








I have found it useful to learn this with a pick. The strokes being D D U U D D U U D D D. Also bare in mind that there is a slight pause before the last 3 notes. Once you master this it’s simply a case of repeat, repeat, repeat. Ive not got onto the rest of the song yet, I just wanted to learn this part for now. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know how you get on playing Too High by The Music.

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