The Tree Of Life Fails to Bend my Universe…

I went into the the cinema knowing absolutely nothing about the tree of life. All I had seen was the film poster. Perhaps I was tired but within 15 minutes of the film starting I was struggling not to fall asleep. Maybe it was the arty images, breathtaking shots of the universe or perhaps the lack of grip in the films dialogue. Never have I wanted to have a doze in the comfy cinema drop down chairs during a film so much.

The film is 2 hours and 19 minutes long. If you watch the trailer, you can see the film in 2 minutes and 19 seconds. What happens in the film is easy to explain. Its about a 2 parents and 3 children family. The father is strict on his children. One of the children dies at some point in their life. Their lives continue, the children grow into adults. This is mixed with some bright and thought provoking images of the universe which you struggle to draw any parallels between, along with a rather strange 20 minutes scene involving dinosaurs.

At one or two points I thought the film was going to grab me, wake me up, and blow my mind by explaining to me the beautiful tree of life and how the universe, what has been and is to come is all connected. It failed to do so.

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