What A Shit Show – BWFC

Ive been on the phone to Bolton Wanderers ticket office on the 0844 number today for 50 mins in total spread over several calls. I phoned them off Skype at £0.07 per minute. I was after two tickets for the Wigan game using the season ticket ‘bring a friend’ promo and I still havnt got a ticket.

The customer service at BWFC is shocking.

One phone call was because they needed to speak to the Season Ticket holder. Even though I had their details, permission, and I wanted to pay for it on my debit card.

One phone call they said it was only available in the North Stand lower, then they hung up on me when I told them it doesnt say that on the website.

On the last phone I was diverted straight to Ticketmaster who couldnt even issue the discounted rate because they knew nothing about it.

Forget people saying Megson made people not want to go. BWFC clearly dont want us there! What a shit show!

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